Concrete Removal

Removing concrete from your property is certainly a labour intensive project and requires great attention to safety. Whether it is breaking up an existing driveway, patio, pathway, or simply one slab of concrete, this is a job that should be carried out by professionals.

The experts at Wet Coast will conduct a visual assessment of how much concrete needs to be broken-up and/or removed. The team is fully trained in the safety requirements and gear needed to complete the job. They will do all the heavy lifting and loading giving you peace of mind that the work will be done to your satisfaction.

Because we understand that the environment is a priority for many of us, it’s important to know that concrete is 100% recyclable.  Unwanted concrete is typically crushed and can be used in many ways. When combined with other post-industrial material, it is made into various non-specification grade pre-cast products that can then be used to produce a variety of products.

Let Wet Coast remove and/or break up all the unsightly concrete from your property freeing you up to complete your outdoor projects. Their professional team has more than 10 years experience and will explain all the details of the job to your satisfaction. They have built their reputation on building positive relationships with each client along with their attention to detail and honest workmanship.

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