Paving Stones

Paving stones, also referred to as pavers, are one of the most versatile products that can greatly enhance the look and usability of any outdoor space. Some of the most common use of paving stones are:


Creating an ‘edge’ along a portion of your landscape can add an impressive separation to different areas of any outdoor space and greatly enhance the look of your front or backyard. It is also a visually aesthetic way to steer guests in a particular direction while keeping shrubs, flowers, and grass neatly in their place. Pavers are a great way to create an area that is low-maintenance, and when matched with a walkway can have a striking visual effect.

Walkways & Patios

It’s easy to create a charming and picturesque walkway leading to a backyard oasis or patio that will stand the test of time. Paving stones come in such a wide variety of textures, patterns, colours, and sizes that a backyard patio is only limited by one’s imagination and creativity.

Vertical Paving

Vertical paving is not used just for the more common or conservative applications. Vertical paving is also ideal for elements such as:

  • Raised firepits
  • Retaining walls
  • Outdoor kitchens

The remarkable durability along with a wide variety of colours and patterns make vertical pavers a smart choice for any permanent addition to all your landscaping projects.

Paving stones are by far one of the best and most durable additions that will not only enhance curb appeal along with your outdoor living environment but will also add considerable value to your home. The experts at Wet Coast are happy to help you assess your landscaping needs and can provide you with innovative suggestions that are backed by years of experience using only the best quality paving stones from Abbotsford Concrete Products.

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